QoS management and/or bandwidth limiting. What do i need

Sounds like you'll have SSH root access to DGN2000 with DGTEAM firmware. Does that mean I can use Asterisk on it? Here is Netgear link for DGN2000 (dsl modem + wireless N router combo). The Jesus-firmware for your ADSL modem | naschenweng.info Feb 20, 2009 Netgear DG834GT e nuovi firmware DGTeam, quale installare May 23, 2010

DGTeam is an unofficial custom firmware developed for Netgear DG834XX Router Series. Main feat: latest ADSL driver,new busybox,firewall,web-intf,ssh-access,adv adsl,wifi schedule,TCP/IP,openNTP serv,NOIP,Wakeonlan.

networking - Port forwarding stopped working (apart from I am seriously tempted to go and stick the DGTeam firmware on it (I use it on my home router and it works well). – akiller May 17 '11 at 11:58 You should be running Wireshark on the destination host (i.e. the machine that the port forwarding is set up to, like to check if the SYNs your home PC is sending do in fact arrive there

Ive tried the dgteam firmware on my 834GT and found that the ADSL speed was slightly improved but wifi became very unstable, so much so I returned it to standard Sky firmware. I may give the netgear firmware a try later tho as its been very stable for quite some time now.

New DGteam Firmware (DG834GT) | Page 19 | Overclockers UK Jan 12, 2012 [DG834GT/PN/N] UNOFFICIAL FIRMWARE - DGTeam