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Mar 16, 2011 · They can all use the same Apple account but Facetime does not use the Apple account. What's interesting is you can have multiple email accounts setup on one device for Facetime that works great. What I want is my iPhone to also use an email account. My friends call me all the time on my iPad but sometimes it's not near me. Jan 04, 2012 · You need to specify special email accounts to be used by the Messages and FaceTime apps so you can contact that specific iOS device without all of your devices getting the message. Comments are Jan 25, 2008 · Go to and check which iCloud devices are associated with your account. And change your password while you're at it, a complicated one at that. As for your question, when someone calls your FaceTime ID and if your iCloud account is signed in on multiple devices, all those devices will receive the call simultaneously. Jan 22, 2014 · Before we answer this question, let's back up and define what an Apple ID is. An Apple ID is your user name for everything you do with Apple—shop the iTunes Store, enable iCloud on all your devices, sign into iMessage, sign into Facetime, access the Apple Support website, and more. For families there are distinct advantages to having multiple

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There are multiple ways to make a call using Facetime. To successfully place a FaceTime call, you will need the the telephone number or Apple ID email address of the party you wish to reach. To place a FaceTime call from the app: Open the Facetime App. With the FaceTime app, you can place a call with both audio & video, or audio only. FaceTime is a video and audio calling app which comes free with all new Apple devices or can be purchased on older Apple devices. FaceTime video calls can be one-to-one or group-to-group, and allow for camera flipping, screen rotation and screenshots. Calls can be made to either another person’s Apple ID (email address) or a standard phone Apple ID is an authentication method used by Apple for iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple devices. Apple IDs contain user personal information and settings. When an Apple ID is used to log into an Apple device - List of iOS devices, the device will automatically use the settings associated with the Apple ID.

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