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Every country’s government has control over internet access in their country. I’ll Camerooon as an anology. There are four main Telecom companies in Cameroon. CAMTEL, NEXTTEL, MTN and Orange. CAMTEL (Cameroon Telephone) is owned by the government Egypt is blocking more websites: why it matters, and what Aug 30, 2017 PU Pulse - Central Government blocked 40 websites with

The List of Blocked Websites in China in 2020 - Latest News

Aug 30, 2017 PU Pulse - Central Government blocked 40 websites with Central Government blocked 40 websites with pro-Khalistan intentions. Today, Central Government has blocked (provision of section 69A of the IT Act) nearly 40 websites which were run and operated by the pro-Khalistan outfit, Sikh For Justice, which has been declared “unlawful organisation” under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act 1967.

Nov 19, 2019 · The UK’s former Prime Minister, David Cameron, spearheaded the latest push by the country’s broadband companies to introduce adult content blocks on the nation’s web. The blocks are designed to filter out pornography, suicide, and self-harm related content, weapons and violence, gambling, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

The process of Blocking Websites in India is quite non-transparent and the Government does not maintain a public list of all the Websites that have been blocked. Over the years, the government has banned thousands of websites and URLs in the country with the help of internet service providers or under the directive of the courts.