How to determine the version of Windows on a computer.

Dec 23, 2017 How To Know Which Windows Version A Product Key Belongs To Now, to check which Windows version a particular product key belongs to, click Check product key tab, copy and paste the 5-group of numbers and letters into the Product key box. And again, you can click the Save button to save the information for future reference. Related Posts. How to Find Windows Version, Edition and Build from ISO Dec 08, 2018

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See which Windows 10 Edition you have Installed | Tutorials

Mar 10, 2018

How do I find what version of Windows Server I'm running Oct 22, 2015 How can I determine what version of Windows 95, 98, or Me In addition, you can use the more specific version numbers, which are listed prior to the "A" or "B" identification, to find the Windows 95 release (see table below). Windows 98 Instead, Windows 98 uses the version number 4.10.1998 to indicate the first retail and OEM release of Windows 98, and 4.10.2222A to indicate Windows 98 SE. See which Windows 10 Edition you have Installed | Tutorials