Naked is the best disguise the death & resurrection of

The Sherlock Holmes Handbook: How to Disguise Yourself Oct 24, 2009 Complete Three Disguises | Hideout in Whitechapel - The So, you know that Sherlock has a labourer's disguise and is in Whitechapel. According to Watson's suggestion, choose this quarter on a map, and then click on a main street. Watson deduces that he needs money. So go to his bedroom, open a desk and notice that someone searched his wallet. Sherlock Holmes Pastiche Characters - Disguises A listing of disguises donned by Sherlock Holmes in pastiches & parodies. Titles in regular type are those in which the disguise is actually worn. Titles in italics indicate that it is merely mentioned. Page numbers indicate the page on which the disguise appears or is mentioned.

Why did Mr. Neville St Clair always disguise himself as

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For Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler was always ‘the woman

Get the Desperately Seeking Sherlock honour for deducing Holmes disguise. 6 Buck's Row, Whitechapel: Use the map to jump to Whitechapel. Then click on Whitechapel St. Take the first right to Buck's Row. Talk to some characters in the street. Go forward until the boarding house, The Rat Hole, 6 Buck's Row. Find Holmes' room: Request Wiggins' assistance in locating the right circus Take a look at one of them on the stage plate and when the eyepiece appears, sharpen the image. Examine the thread through the eyepiece. Three different hair strands. It turns out, that you have a hair strand in front of you. Two other strands will appear on the stage plate. Examine all of them. Naked is the best disguise the death & resurrection of