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Aug 05, 2016 : Free Web : Free Download, Borrow and Checkpoint cache item for Torrentz Search Engine | Search engine, Engineering, Search

Torrentz Facts Torrentz is a upgraded version of the old and amazing search engine Torrentz is not a clone as (search algorithm) is extremely new and tunned one. Torrentz is a meta-search engine (aggregator) and a Multisearch. This means we just search other search engines. Torrentz is a very powerful internet location search tool.

Aug 05, 2016

Solid Torrents The Most User Friendly Torrent Search Engine. This is a clean, privacy focused torrent search engine. Like Google/Yahoo but just for torrents. This project is still under heavy development. Feedback is welcome, please report any problems or bugs. The entire project is …

Torrentz is a free meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines. It indexes torrents from major torrent websites and offers compilations of various trackers.